How to choose a personal injury attorney in Florida if you suffer injuries in an auto accident

Auto Accident picture

You have been in an accident, and you have unfortunately suffered injuries, either to yourself, your property, and/or someone you love. You realize you need an attorney to protect your rights, and help you to receive compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. Choosing the right personal injury law firm can ensure that your case gets settled in the most advantageous manner for you. But you are unsure of what things you should consider when choosing the best firm to help you with your case.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission offers these pointers for choosing an attorney, as listed on the  website. Start by looking for a legal firm that has experience and a good record settling personal injury cases. Some of the ways to find an attorney who specializes in auto accident settlements include:

  • Ask friends, family and associates.
  • Call your state bar association.
  • Check with a lawyer referral service.
  • In states like Florida that allow lawyers to advertise, you may find one through an ad, HOWEVER, ALWAYS Interview more than one lawyer before deciding who will represent you.

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation. If the one you call first does not, move on. At the initial consultation:

  • Discuss all fees and costs at your initial consultation.
  • Get any details in writing before you make a commitment.
  • Choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable discussing your case and with whom you can be honest, AND the firm that will ask all of the right questions; not just of you, but also of the legal firm on the other side and the insurance companies involved.

Our Board Certified lawyers from Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne, P.A. are the right lawyers to get you the best settlement that you deserve based upon your unique set of circumstances.  We make sure to ask the right questions of all companies and interested parties in your case. We represent clients anywhere in the state of Florida.

If a person you care about gets hurt or killed in a car motorcycle or boating accident, or you simply have a question about a potential personal injury situation that you have not yet had answered, please call us at Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne. We offer a free initial consultation, and our phone number is (561) 686-3400.

At Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne, we understand that motor vehicle accidents happen every day. We help our clients obtain payment to cover hospital and other medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more, if the situation warrants it. If you want to learn more about how we can help you in a situation where someone you love has been in an accident, then go to this page on our website: We also specialize in Wrongful Death & Serious Injury, Medical Malpractice, Defective Products, and many other types of legal situations where injury or death has occurred.

Whether you are in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart, West Palm Beach or any other city in the state of Florida, you need to find and hire a law firm that has the level of knowledge and experience that will get you the financial results you deserve, while also working with you throughout your case until some type of resolution has been reached. With over four decades of experience, that firm is Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne.

Contact us directly at (561) 686-3400, or via email at


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