What you need to do if you are involved in a Slip and fall accident in Florida

A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in pain ** Note: Shallow depth of field

According to Wikipedia, a Slip and fall accident (also known as a trip and fall) is defined as “a personal injury claim or case based on a person slipping (or tripping) and falling. It is a tort, a wrongful act that results in injury, and based on a claim that the property owner was negligent in allowing some dangerous condition to exist that caused the fall.” To read the entire definition please go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slip_and_fall

The law requires that homes, buildings, walkways and even parking lots must be maintained and kept safe for anyone who uses them. The law refers to this as premises liability. If someone owns property that you travel on and you’re injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost time at work, and more if it can be determined that your fall was due to their negligence.

By and large people are familiar, with what a Slip and fall accident is. Yet most people do not know what steps to take if they or someone they care about is involved in a Slip and fall accident. What you do in the moments following the accident can determine if you have a case.

Here is a list of steps that you should take immediately following a Slip and fall accident. It was originally published on a Pennsylvania law firm’s website, but in the name of sharing good, pertinent information, we share it with you here:

7 Steps for After a Slip and Fall Accident

Medical Help – Your health – or the health of a friend of loved one – is your top priority. Seek medical attention immediately. If you are debilitated in any way at the scene, call fire/rescue. With your injuries documented, you’ll be able to provide proof if you choose to seek compensation for your medical bills.

Report It – If you fell in a store, apartment building, your friend’s house, or anywhere else, make sure you report it to the manager, owner, or landlord. Ask the business manager or landlord to make a report of the accident and obtain a copy before you leave.

Keep Calm – If you’re injured on a homeowner’s property, remain calm and limit your communication with them for the time being. Don’t get angry or upset, because it won’t change what’s already happen. Focus on what’s important: getting treatment for your injuries.

Take Photos – Document the EXACT location where you fell, including stairs, railings, ice patches, or any other condition that contributed to the fall. It’s important to document the date and time of your accident, because evidence can disappear and conditions can change.

Get the Info – Collect names, phone numbers, and addresses of any possible witnesses. This will help prove your version of events down the road.

Shoes and Clothing – Place the shoes and clothing you were wearing during the accident in a safe storage place. They may be relevant evidence at a later date.

Call an Attorney – When considering legal action, the best person on your side is an experienced attorney. Since many slip and fall cases are difficult to prove, you need the resources of a successful law firm. We have the experience, knowledge, and history of success to recover the money you deserve.

To read the entire article in its original form, please go to: https://www.edgarsnyder.com/slip-and-fall-accidents/after-an-accident.html

If you or a person you care about gets injured in a Slip and fall, motorcycle or boating accident, or you simply have a question about a potential personal injury situation that you have not yet had answered, please call us at Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A. We offer a free initial consultation, and our phone number is (561) 686-3400.

At Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne, we understand that Slip and fall accidents happen all the time. If you fall because of the negligence of the property’s owner, then you need to contact us right away. We help our clients obtain payment to cover hospital and other medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more, if the situation warrants it. If you want to learn more about how we can help you in a situation where someone you love has been in an accident, then go to this page on our website: http://sswlawfl.com/areas-of-practice/accidents-serious-injury/. We also specialize in Wrongful Death & Serious Injury, Medical Malpractice, Defective Products, and many other types of legal situations where injury or death has occurred.

Whether you are in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, West Palm Beach or any other city in the state of Florida, you need to find and hire a law firm that has the level of knowledge and experience that will get you the financial results you deserve, while also working with you throughout your case until some type of resolution has been reached. With over four decades of experience, that firm is Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne.

Contact us directly at (561) 686-3400, or via email at info@sswlawfl.com.


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