Texting and driving – causes auto accidents in Jupiter, Florida and all throughout the country

The statistics bear it out – texting while driving increases your chances of getting into an accident by an exponential percentage. The problem is so big and so widespread that texting while driving has eclipsed even eclipsed drunk driving in the number of auto accidents caused by some form of distraction in Florida and throughout the United States.

For teen drivers, the statistics are even scarier. The number of fatalities caused by texting while driving surpassed the number of deaths caused by drunk driving in 2012 for the first time, according to a study published by Cohen Children’s Medical Center. More than 3,000 teens died in crashes involving texting while approximately 2,700 died in accidents involving alcohol.

To read the entire article in which the Cohen study is cited, go to: http://safety.trw.com/texting-while-driving-now-leading-cause-of-us-teen-deaths/0710/

Many insurance companies treat texting while driving in a similar fashion to someone who is impaired by alcohol or drugs. If it can be proven you are texting while driving, they will deny coverage. There is so much downside to texting while driving that it is just not worth it. But even as it becomes less and less socially acceptable to text and drive, as responsible citizens we must continue to increase awareness and communications with all drivers, and particularly teenagers who are about to or have just obtained their driver’s licenses.

Check out websites like http://www.textinganddrivingsafety.com/ and https://noys.org/ to see what you can do to help spread the word on curtailing texting and driving with teenage drivers, and all other drivers. We also believe that the texting and driving laws in the state of Florida need to be more stringent, as they are in many other states around the country.

If you are injured in an auto accident because the other driver or you were texting, you may have a right to bring a claim for various damages and injuries incurred. Call us at Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A. We offer a free initial consultation, and our phone number is (561) 686-3400.

At Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne, we know that automobile accidents involving cell phone usage happen all the time. If you are in an accident because of the willful negligence of another driver then you need to contact us right away. We help our clients obtain payment to cover hospital and other medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more, if the situation warrants it.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you in a situation where someone you love has been in an auto accident, then go to this page on our website: http://www.sswlawfl.com/areas-of-practice/auto-accident/. We also specialize in Slip and Fall accidents, Wrongful Death & Serious Injury, Medical Malpractice, Defective Products, and many other types of legal situations where injury or death has occurred.


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