Defective product update – U.S. sues Volkswagen over cheating emissions tests

As the Volkswagen auto emissions cheating scandal deepened throughout the end of 2015, the United States Justice Department decided to jump in and sue the beleaguered automobile company in the first week of January. When the scandal first broke in September, it was not known just how massive the number of cars involved was. Now it is estimated that Volkswagen engineers altered the software in more than 600,000 diesel engine cars that were sold here in the United States from 2009 through 2015.

According to multiple reports including the one posted on NBC News’ website, “The civil complaint against the German automaker, filed on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency in U.S. District Court in Detroit, alleges the company illegally installed software designed to make its diesel engines pass federal emissions standards while undergoing laboratory testing. The vehicles then switched off those measures to boost performance in real-world driving conditions, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions up to 40 times greater than federal environmental standards.”

Volkswagen faces fines from the U.S. Justice Department that could reach up to $90 billion alone, significantly more than the $18 billion estimates discussed when the scandal first broke. Apparently the illegal software may have also been used in automobiles produced by Audi and Porsche, both of which are now owned by Volkswagen.

Obviously this is a defective (illegal) product on a massive scale. And unfortunately, companies like Volkswagen do try to cheat, lie and defraud both the government and the public on a regular basis. If you own one of these Volkswagen’s in question or suspect that you have purchased or come into contact with another defective product, then you may want to seek legal representation to find out your rights and if you deserve financial compensation.

The U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit is being filed in the Eastern District of Michigan and then transferred to Northern California, where class-action lawsuits against Volkswagen are already pending.

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