Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne safety tips: driving during school days in Florida

school bus unloading

The middle of August here in Florida means several things: the summer season weather-wise (hot and humid) is about half over, but more importantly, schools are back in full swing. Even if you do not have any children that are school-age, you know school is back in session with the significant pick up in traffic and congestion on the roadways as you try to make your way to and from work. That also means you must be significantly more careful where ever you are driving at this time of year.

Therefore, we will do a 2-part blog on driver safety during school days. This first part is a refresher of general driving safety tips for all drivers at this time of year to help keep kids, other drivers and yourself accident and injury-free during school days. In the second part we will share with you some safety tips for parents and others driving kids to and from school:

  • Plan to leave your home a few minutes earlier than you did during the summer to get to your destination.
    • Between school buses, kids walking and on bikes, and parents trying to drop off or pick up their kids, traffic congestion is significantly more than it was just two weeks ago. Adjust for that so you keep yourself from getting frustrated, angry and impatient behind the wheel.
  • Slow down and pay attention to the road AND the surrounding sidewalks
    • Even the safest of drivers can not predict a child darting out into the middle of the road apparently out of nowhere. The slower you are driving, the more time you will have to react when unexpected, potentially dangerous actions by others, particularly kids, happen.
  • Do NOT pass a bus that has its “Stop Sign” and blinkers on. Ever.
    • Of course we all have had that morning we are running late, and then we get stuck behind a school bus stopped to pick up kids… and it is taking forever. There is no one on the other side of the road, and it looks so tempting to go around the bus and continue on your way. Don’t do it. The leading cause of death among kids and teenagers is accidents/unintentional death, according to


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