Study of NHTSA data reveals that more fatal accidents occur today than any other day during month of April

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Today is income tax filing day here in Jupiter, Florida and throughout the United States. In other words, most people’s least favorite day of the year. An interesting study which looked at data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave us all another reason to not like tax day – more fatal automobile accidents occur on this day than any other day during the entire month of April.


The study, conducted and published by researchers at the University of Toronto, found that over a 30 year span, the “car accident death rate” was in fact 6% higher on tax day over any other April day. Several experts quoted in an April 30, 2015 article published in The Legal Examiner (a Central Pennsylvania Legal Newsletter) offered four reasons why the fatal accident rate goes up on this day:

  1. There are more motorists on the road on tax day than on the average day in April.
  2. More drivers are forced to drive off of their “regular route” to get to the post office or their accountant’s office to get their taxes filed on time on this day.
  3. More drivers driving “recklessly” to get to the post office to meet today’s deadline.
  4. More drivers are driving distracted due to the stress caused by having to file their taxes today.

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Whatever the reasons are, today is statistically the most dangerous day to be driving out on the roads of Florida, and practically everywhere else in America.


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And a piece of advice: be extra safe driving out there today – and every day. Your life is worth saving.