Knowing your rights in Florida from Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A.: if you are injured by a defective product in Florida, you only have 4 years to file suit

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You see them in the news every day. Injuries and death caused by defective products. The fact is, injuries from defective products occur every day in the state of Florida. Manufacturers with even the best reputations and history of producing safe products can on occasion produce a defective product that ends up hurting someone.


Today, maybe that person will be you or someone you love. When a person’s injury is caused directly by a defective product, it is understandable that the aggrieved person wants to be compensated by the manufacturer whose product caused their pain and suffering.


As with most states, the state of Florida has specific laws which govern the amount of time that an injured party has to file a lawsuit against the product’s producer. In Florida this set of laws are known as the Florida statute of limitations. Specifically, defective products are covered under section 95.11, “Limitations other than for the recovery of real property.” Part of the intent of this section is to distinguish between property damage and injury done to a person.


This section of the state of Florida Statutes is listed here:


A person who is injured by a defective product is usually allowed to sue either the manufacturer, seller and/or designer of the product, depending upon the circumstances of the case. The important aspect of the statute of limitations to you, if you are the injured party, is that you have a time limit of 4 years from the last day it can be determined you were injured by the defective product.


If you wait beyond the 4 years to file a claim, your case will most likely be dismissed, even if you have a legitimate case. Therefore, it is important for you as the aggrieved party to keep track and maintain proper records of when the defective product caused your injury. And then it is important to follow through, contact an experienced, knowledgeable law firm with attorneys like the ours at Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A. who have successfully litigated and won settlements for other people who have been injured by defective products. Do not wait until it is too late!


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